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About Us

TMK Completions is a leading provider of multi-stage well completion technologies and downhole completion tools for the oil and gas industry. Our experience extends over a wide range of well environments and we have the expertise to engineer, strategize and execute even the most challenging well completions.

Because we strive to meet our customers’ evolving industry needs, and understand the increasing role of completion in the overall economics of a field development, we have streamlined our production processes to maximize value-added, and to create opportunities for reduction of completion costs and improvement of overall efficiencies.

As a part of OAO TMK, one of the world’s leading producers of tubular products and premium connections, TMK Completions has an unmatched capability to combine the company’s industry proven technologies with its vertically integrated production competencies in delivering customizable well completions solutions at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). In this unique value proposition for our customers, TMK Completions offer multi-stage completions systems both separately and in bundles with oilfield tubulars for additional potential cost savings opportunities and long-term benefits that stretch beyond the purchase price. Our focus on quality and ability to customize each completion package and its components early on in the production process ensure superior performance and integrity of the production string while minimizing the risk of downhole failure and hidden costs.

Our network of experienced oilfield services personnel, with strategic locations in the major oil and gas regions throughout the U.S. and Canada, provides installation services and technical support for maximum uptime and efficiency of completions operations.