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Unlimited Stage Ball-Actuated Sliding Sleeve System

TMK QUANTUM Infinity sliding sleeve system utilizes a revolutionary, patent pending electronic counter technology, which allows operators to complete any given lateral in an unlimited number of frac stages. The system is designed for both cemented and uncemented applications and can be deployed with either MicroSEAL hydraulic set openhole packers or SwellSEAL swellable packers.

System Benefits:

- No limit as to the number of frac stages
- Nothing to mill out, near fullbore completion after fracturing
- Reduced hydraulic horsepower requirement and spread size 
- Significant operational time and cost savings compared to other ball drop systems


TMK QUANTUM Infinity System 10,000 psi (English)


TMK Activation Sub

- Pressure activated blanking device
- Ran at the bottom of the tool string
- Allows activation of the tools above it


TMK Liner Top Packer and Latch

- LTP Packer is a cased hole anchor
- LTP is set with hydraulic pressure
- Connected/disconnected with Latch

TMK QUANTUM System Components


- Pressure activated sleeve
- Used as the first fracturing stage
- Flow ports offer a large flow area


TMK SwellSEAL Packer

- Oil-swellable elastomeric element, or
- Water-swellable elastomeric element
- Robust anti-extrusion end ring design
- Standard or custom sizes and lengths

TMK QUANTUM Infinity Sleeve

- Single-size 3.250" frac ball
- One or multiple sleeves per stage
- Electronically pre-programmed
- Dissolvable frac balls available

TMK MicroSEAL Packer

- Hydraulic set openhole packer
- Positive, reliable annular isolation
- Up to 15,000 psi pressure rating
- Multiple packers per stage


TMK Frakker - Frac Initiation Tool (Optional)

TMK Frakker integrates seamlessly into TMK QUANTUM Infinity system. Placed between the openhole packers, it ensures proper stage isolation and effective fracture stimulation performance.

- Targeted fracture point placement within a stage
- Greater interval and overall formation coverage
- Optimal frac simulation performance
- Lower frac initiation pressures

TMK Frakker Spec. Sheet (English)